Children’s Art and Children’s Book Illustration

I’ve been travelling a lot since I returned from Prague two weeks ago.

For example I visited two of my favourite schools. The first one was Portway Infant School in Andover and the second was Rowan Preparatory School in Claygate.

Portway Infant School in Andover invites children from other schools for a day when I’m there. It’s always good fun and also a very busy day. I read books, we talked about illustrations and we do art. Hot dogs are served and the day finishes with an art exhibition.

The theme this year was Puffin Peter.IMG_0229Here are some of the pictures.

IMG_0230In this collage Blue Penguin meets Puffin Peter.

IMG_0231Here is Puffin Peter waiting for Puffin Paul.

I love pictures done by children and I always get some drawings to take home. This amazing drawing was given to me in

Rowan Preparatory School in Claygate is another school I visit every year. It’s always nice to go to a school with friendly teachers I know and children who can’t wait to hear stories and to do some art. Over the years some of the children leave primary school, but then they come to collect their younger siblings at the end of the day. It’s nice to see them again.

Rowan Preparatory School in Claygate has a good collection of my pictures. This is the latest one based on “The Greedy Goat”.unnamed-1We painted all the “nice” things The Greedy Goat would like to eat …and more. I especially like these two birds sitting on the goat’s back.IMG_0235

I also did two events at The Royal Horticultural Society’s  Malvern Spring Festival. That was different, because you never know who will come, but it was all well organised and great fun.

MHere is another masterpiece done by Markus aged 8 I want to share with you. It’s a copy of an owl from my book “A First Book of Animals”.

I had also a great day in Hereford, taking part in the Hereford Book Festival for Schools 2017. It was a day of reading and making books with more than 100 children from four different schools. I was lucky, because I had great help from librarians, volunteers and also from students of illustration from Hereford School of Art.

unnamed-1 copy

One more picture I want to show you. The author is 7 year old Amy from Hong Kong. I love it.Amy 7 IpSo the last couple of weeks were about children’s art.

Now one announcement:

 The Children’s Book Illustration  is sadly closing down.  They were often the only place where you could buy original artwork done by some of the best illustrators around. Their last day of trading will be on Saturday 17th June.

Have a look at  The Children’s Book Illustration website. You may find something you would like!

Travelling With a Book

Over the last few months I’ve been working on and off on my new book “Dlouhá Cesta” (The Long Journey).o cover

Although I’m Czech and I’ve written and illustrated over 35 books, I’ve only had a couple of books published in the Czech Republic. I don’t know exactly why my books are not published in the Czech Republic, but I would like to do something about it.

I can’t make deals with other publishers about my existing books, but I had an idea.

A year ago I met a couple of enthusiasts in Prague who like my books and I like their enthusiasm, so we decided to do something together. We’ve decided to do a book together.


This book is going to be published in Czech in the Czech Republic.

The story is about a garden gnome. 18He looked like any other garden gnome, but he had a desire to walk. He walked through the garden, through the gate, over the field, into the wood, he climbed a hill and went down the mountains.
6 TrpHe visited many places and everywhere he went he planted a little plant. The place become a better place, or at least a bit nicer. There is more to it but the rest of the story is in pictures.9 Trp

I travelled to Prague to deliver the book last week. It was quite special.

10 Trp

I had a really nice time illustrating it and now it was the time to give it away.13 Trp

I hope all goes well.

The book should be ready for Christmas.12 Trp

Painted Puffin

12 TrpI’m in the middle of illustrating a book and I was planning to write about it. However I’ve changed my plans, because this week was strangely about Puffin Peter.

Puffin Peter
I was getting ready for visiting Canterbury Nursery School in Bradford. The nursery asked me to mention and perhaps do a workshop about ” Puffin Peter”.


I like the character Puffin Peter, so I was up for it. Then I got another email from a school I’m going to next month and that, funnily enough, also wanted Puffin Peter.

Well, I’ve decided to paint a couple of puffins, bring them to schools and making big pictures with children.

My only worry was, that children at the nursery may be too little to paint and draw and help me to finish the painting. How wrong was I.

Just as I was about to leave the house, I had an email from Sekolah Ciputra in Surabaya, East Java in Indonesia.
puffin picture for Mr Petr
How exciting! The children were writing to me about how much they enjoyed reading …..PUFFIN PETER! The email was really nice and attached were all these beautiful pictures of puffins done by the children. It really cheered me up.

20170426_141412 (1)
Thank you to all the children in the kindergarten at Sekolah Ciputrafor sending me all these BEAUTIFUL paintings! I was also asked if I can share them around, so I’m doing so.

I’m now back from Bradford and it was a really busy and also lovely day. I saw lots of very little children. 200 to be specific. Some of the children were only two years old, but most of them three or four. I did six talks and two workshops.

We painted a picture with Puffin Peter.

This is how I started. The puffin looked lonely, so I asked the children to draw some fish.

IMG_0219And they did. This is the finished picture. Pretty good, don’t you think?

IMG_0222It was a lovely day in Canterbury Nursery School in Bradford. I met lots of nice teachers and a caring headmistress. Somehow, she managed to buy and give a book to every child! Can you guess what book it was? That’s right, Puffin Peter.