Painting with children

2Self-isolation has worked fine for me over the last couple of weeks. I was finishing illustrations for a book written by the lovely Joyce Dunbar. I started working on the illustrations some time ago, but travelling and doing other things in between, kept me away from this lovely book. So now I have had time to enjoy working on the illustrations and finish off the book.

In the last couple of weeks I have also enjoyed watching illustrators and writers reading their books and inspiring children to draw. Lots of bad things have happened in the world recently, but we have also started to realise that lots of very good things are happening too. Families spend more time together. Time has stopped for a while and it allows people to do things they hadn’t got around to doing before. Some of these is playing more with their children and being creative.

I love going to schools and making art with children and I get lots of pictures to take home. Some pictures are also posted to me by email.IMG_5698

Here are paintings by children from St. George’s CE Primary School in Worcester. Slide1

They were inspired by  ‘A First Book of Animals’ written by Nicola Davies and illustrated by me. This is a picture of a bird of paradise.Birds of Paradise

Here are the wolves from the same book.Slide1 copy 2



And a sailfish. One of my favourites!

Slide1 copy


Looking at this amazing artwork I feel it should be me who should gets inspired by their work and who should do the copies of this gorgeous artwork.

In my previous blog I showed how to draw a mouse from my book. I received quite a few excellent drawings of mice. Here is one done by Vitek.IMG_5852

Here is Honzík being very busy.honza

And here is Paul and his stunningly beautiful elephant.paul

The elephants seem to be popular! This one from Miriam is also a master piece!Miriam

I was asked to do a colouring sheet. As a child I didn’t like colouring very much. I would prefer to draw a picture myself, but you can always take it as inspiration to draw your own jungle. So here is a colouring sheet. A garden with … an elephant.

Here are some colouring tips: the elephant could be blue – use as many different blue pencils as you can find and mix them together. Thinking of that, the elephant could also be also pink….or orange. Do the same for the grass – use as many greens as you have in your pencil case. Mix yellow and green to get a really bright spring grass colour. Mixing colours makes the picture bright. Have fun!  If you’d like to show me via instagram don’t forget to add #petrhoracek, or twitter @PHoracek, or send them to me by email through my website.

Scan 2

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