How to draw an Elephant

I recently did a live session on Zoom organised by Storystock and Riverside Studios.

Everything went well, without a major hiccup and I enjoyed it very much. I read my latest book ‘The Best Place in the World’.COVER - text

We also learnt how to draw a hare. Here are some of the pictures!

IMG_6552 (1)This superhero hare is from Samuel age 5.  He then exhibited the picture in his window. I know that, because he lives down the road and I saw it!

Etta.- 4jpg
This beautiful rabbit is from Etta who is 4 years old. It is a true masterpiece!

Julie 2 rokyHere is Julie who is not yet 3 years old and she is painting already!

maminka Katerina a Julie 2 rokyHere are Julia and her mum’s pictures. I I love them both and you can clearly see where Julia’s talent comes from!

Thank you for sending the pictures.

The second book I read was Elephant.1 cover

I promised to show on the blog, how to draw an elephant.  I keep promises, so here you are – ‘How to draw an Elephant’

Have a go. Have fun!

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There you are! Excellent. Oh, Julie is doing something else. She is taking hare to the theatre – she said.

Julie 2.9.roku

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