Two Books and More

Over the years I used to say that I’m happiest in my studio, working on a book. How little I knew then.

I’ve been sitting in my studio for over a year now and I am really ready to see people, to have a change of scenery. I somehow know that I’m not the only one.

During the lock downs I started doing events for schools and libraries on Zoom. First I thought that it would never work, but it did and what’s more, I can proudly say, that I’ve mastered it and am actually enjoying these sessions. In a funny way you can still see your audience and although I can’t hear everybody, I can see their facial expressions. That helps.

Since the pandemic started I have finished two picture books. The first one is for Walker Books and it is  going to be called A Best Friend for a Bear.

Screenshot 2021-04-12 at 17.54.25

The book is about two bears who are looking for a friend. First they are looking separately, but helping each other on this journey makes things much easier.3

I love drawing bears and I thought illustrating this book was going to be easy.


Once again, I was wrong. Although I enjoyed working on the book enormously, I have changed the artwork many times. 14

Finishing the book took me a long time. But hey, time is something I have plenty of, so no worries.

The second picture book is about Tom and Mot and will be published by Otter-Barry.PP 1

They love each other so much, that they would give each other the whole world.

PP 5And that’s what they do!  Or kind of…

I had this book in my drawer for some time. I was so looking forward to doing the final illustrations.

PP 3Working on the book was pure joy.  Going to my studio to print, and cut and draw and paint…until it’s all done. Then change half of it. The usual, but it is O.K. because I have time… I’ve said that before.How the butterflies see it.

Apart from these two books I still had time to draw and paint for other people, and to do lots of pictures for myself.IMG_6893 Perhaps one day, when all this is over, I can have an exhibition! Oh, that would be nice.


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