Mister Boo!

Mister Boo! is published! It is the latest book I’ve illustrated, and it is written by the lovely Joyce Dunbar.

Mr.Boo - cover

Mister Boo! is the second book that Joyce has written for me. The first book ‘Grumpy Duck’ was awarded ‘Picture Book of the Year 2020′ in the Netherlands. I wrote a blog about it here.

Slide1I met Joyce almost five years ago at The Ted Hughes Arvon Centre, Lumb Bank where we were tutors. Over the week I worked with Joyce, and with the students had an amazing time. Seeing Joyce working, teaching, witnessing how creative she is, was a real life-enhancing experience and that week I learned so much from her. I would say, that Grumpy Duck was a natural result of our friendship and cooperation at the Arvon Center.

I must have done something good with the illustrations for ‘Grumpy Duck’, because a couple of years later Joyce wrote another book and asked me to illustrate it.

MB_9781406395686_Ins_-04Mister Boo! is a story of a tom cat who is a bit mischievous, but he can’t help it. Many cats are like him.

MB_9781406395686_Ins_-08One day, Mister Boo realises, that he is not as fast as he used to be and that things around him are slowly changing.

MB_9781406395686_Ins_-13I loved the gentle, touching story straight away and although I consider cats to be rather difficult to draw (always challenging to draw a smiling cat), I couldn’t wait to start working on the book.

In an ideal world  I would start illustrating and keep going until the book is finished. It doesn’t always happen this way. I started working on Mister Boo! and then my work took me somewhere else a couple of times, but funnily enough, going back to the book was like coming home and meeting a cat who is waiting for you. I loved illustrating the book, painting the different seasons, seeing Mister Boo getting older.

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to my editors Denise Johnstone- Burt and Louise Jackson, who gave Joyce and me great support and and all the help we needed and THANK YOU to Walker Books who produced a book of great quality as always.

Thank you Joyce for the beautiful book and your friendship. It is a real joy working with you!




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