Kate Greenaway Medal shortlist – breaking news

On Tuesday, the shortlist for “The Kate Greenaway Medal” was announced.  The great news is, that “Puffin Peter” is one of the eight nominated books. Click here to see the complete list of nominated books.


It’s always nice when a book gets noticed, but being in the company of such good books makes me smile.

I also feel very happy for my publisher Walker Books. They have five out of the eight shortlisted book titles. It’s a great achievement and it says a lot about the publisher.

With a nomination like this comes a bit of publicity, so I was asked a few questions about “Puffin Peter”. I had to dig out some old sketches and drawings. It was good fun, because it brought back memories. The book was published last year, but of course I finished it some time before it got published.  I forgot a lot about the process of working on the book and  perhaps also some difficulties which came with it. Seeing the sketches again made the memories all come back.

This is one of the first notes.

I new straight away, that Puffin Peter will get lost on the sea.  The hard work started from there. Here are some more sketches.




And first colour sketches.

Sketches and final illustrations.

Here is a picture which you won’t be able to find in the book.

And this is one of my favourite pencil notes. It’s a sketch for the last page.






3 responses to “Kate Greenaway Medal shortlist – breaking news

  1. Fantastic news. Congratulations!

  2. Hiep hiep hiep hoera and gefeliciteerd and felicitations and proficiat and above all many many congratulations! And what a clever jury to notice your wonderful Puffin Peter! Do puffins like champaign, you think? We’ll put a bottle in the fridge for you just in case!