Mouse, lots of mice.

This week I was mostly drawing mice – again. I also went to the Southbank Centre – again. I was in there last Sunday and I went again this Friday. I didn’t mind at all. In fact I wish I could have stayed longer. The place was packed with children and parents, writers and illustrators. Sothbank 21.2.I talked to children about a cat who drinks hot chocolate, showed some books and did some drawings. It was great fun, but I could stay only an hour, because then I had to be in a small bookshop in Herne Hill calledĀ Tales on Moon Lane.

21.2.14Tales on Moon Lane is a lovely award winning independent children’s book shop, which is doing a lot for children and everybody who loves books. They had their own Half Term Festival. On Friday afternoon I came early and sat on the sofa, sipping coffee. Soon the book shop started to be busy and before I knew it I was surrounded by children. You can imagine what kind of children – children who like books, stories and who like to make things and draw.21.2.

I don’t remember when I saw any bookshop being so busy. Can you see me in the picture? During these few events some parents came to me and mentioned my book “A New House for Mouse”. They told me, that it’s their child’s favourite and that the book is well used in their homes. It made me extra happy, because the second book with the same character, the little mouse, is going to be published this summer.A New House for MouseThe new book is going to be called “The Mouse Who ate the Moon”.Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 19.16.06 And if it’s not enough this week I was busy working on the third book with the little mouse.

In preparation to promoteĀ ”The Mouse Who Ate the Moon” I was working on a poster and some activity sheets.mouse and the mooon

Here is the picture for the poster. I’m thinking of giving it away in a competition, but I don’t know yet what the competition should be about. Oh well, I still have some time to think about it.Find the bannaHere is one of the activity sheets. Can you find the way to the banana?How many Bananas can you see?And another one. How many bananas can you see?How many stars can you see?And how many stars can you see? Next time, I will write probably about mice again.

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  1. You may be getting tired of drawing mice – but all your hard work is worth it! Lovely ideas – your poster is great – what a happy looking mouse (particularly like the stripy socks!)