Sketching Blue Penguin again and again.

sketch bpMy latest book Blue Penguin is coming out pretty soon. In fact I already have a first copy of the book at home. The book was in front of me when I received an email asking me to design a Christmas card. I didn’t need to think too long before I made up my mind about what I would do.

I thought Blue Penguin would make a good card.1Here is Blue Penguin taking off.2Similar, but perhaps a more festive launching of Blue Penguin.8Then I thought about a picture with Blue Penguin and the winter sun coming through a snowy sky.9And one more. This time with a Christmas star.6Or perhaps this one,…4or this one.3When I start sketching ideas sometimes I don’t know when to stop.
So I didn’t stop.10I think this picture made it to the final. I’m happy with the choice.5This illustration was one of the least successful. I liked the house in the picture so I did a picture of the house by itself.7Here are some other houses from my little sketchbook.IMG_2431Upside down house.

And one more. It looks a bit like a gingerbread house, don’t you think?


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