Final touch

IMG_0678This is a finished book!

“My First Book of Animals” has more than fifty double spread pictures. I’ve been working on it a whole year. Last week I finished the last illustration from the book and felt a kind of relief. I always fall for this. I think the book is finished as soon as I finish the last illustration, but it’s never like this. There are always little changes and adjustments and there are endpapers to be painted and a contents page and end of chapters…, so in the end it’s been a couple of busy weeks for me.

A.contence paperHere is the mentioned contents pageWhale 1and some of the illustrations from the book.Arctic Tern

Zebra copy

“My First Book of Animals” is divided into five sections and each of the sections finishes with information about certain animals. I wanted these end chapters to be different. I wanted the drawings to look as if they had been taken out of somebody’s sketchbook.FullSizeRender copySome of the drawings were quite challenging.FullSizeRender_3The book will have a sleeve cover.My First Book of AnimalsSleeve covers are nice, but then you have to do one more cover for the actual book. Here is one of themIMG_2907and here are details of some other options.Scan 6One of the butterflies?Scan 3Or perhaps another beetle?Scan 2Or an egg?

Scan 1What about a hummingbird? I like the hummingbird.Scan 5I got myself carried away. The truth is that I enjoyed painting these small images.

Tomorrow I will tidy up my studio. I do that every time I finish a book. If you imagine, that this book took me a year to work on you can imagine what my studio looks like.

I’ve already started throwing away some paper and cutouts. I found this drawing, which I quite like. It’s a sketch for a giraffe.IMG_2888

Here is one more drawing from my little sketchbook I wanted to show you.FullSizeRender_1It’s a drawing I did this week when I heard on the radio that one of the last four white rhinos has died. ┬áIt’s sad, sad news.

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