St. Nicholas and Elephants

Last week people in Czech Republic celebrated Saint Nicholas. I love the tradition when St. Nicholas, a Devil and an Angel visit children and bring them sweets. Children are excited and a bit scared at the same time. st.  nicolasI was a couple of times St. Nicholas myself.  Here I am dressed as St. Nicholas with a rather scary devil.

p.horFriend of mine Alex Holy, who is seven years old drew this lovely picture of St. Nicholas.


Last week was also about “Blue Penguin”.Wendy CoolingI had nice reviews in The Independent and The Daily Mail and was also asked to write an article about Blue Penguin for Elizabeth O. Dulemba blog.

It was also the christening of a lovely little boy called Gabriel. I wanted to give him a picture and since I was recently painting elephants, I did one for Gabriel too.Gabriel SlonI showed a couple of sketches of elephants in my previous blog.IMG_2920

There are two elephants with too many legs.IMG_2919

I did two bigger versions of them.5ti nohy slonI know that they do have too many legs.

nohaty SlonChristmas is coming soon, so if you haven’t got all the presents yet, have a look at Children’s Book Illustration. There is so much to choose from! There are also some elephants.

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