I haven’t been writing the blog for some time now. It’s the holidays after all. We’ve been in Greece. It was great!

I love Greece. It’s such a nice country and once you get used to the heat and the deafening sound of cicadas, there can’t be a better place to be.  I love the olive trees, the smell of the dry grass, the little squares with strong coffee…

and of course the sea.

A sunset.


On the little beach where we used to go was a boat. An orange boat.

   The orange colour of the boat and the colour of the sea looked great together. 


This is a picture I painted when I got home.

I was also painted the landscape. Something I use to do a lot in the past, but haven’t had time to do it for some time.

It felt so good to paint outside again!
















Of course I was also thinking and sketching a new picture book, but I will write about that next time. Until than a few more pictures from Greece.




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