Four days in Prague

IMG_4099It was my father’s birthday, so I went to Prague for cake … and beer.

The day after I arrived in Prague, an article about my work was published in one of the most prestigious Czech magazines “Reporter“. It made my father rather happy.DSC_0056 (1)I’m always pleasantly surprised when I’m asked to do an interview for Czech media, since I have a feeling, that nobody knows my books in my country.

I  truth, four of my books were published in Czech in 2013, but they were published in something I call “an economical edition” and I didn’t expect them to be noticed, but they are.IMG_4119The format of the Czech edition is much smaller than the original books and “A New House for Mouse” was published without the holes and cut outs, which are rather important part of the book.

I was born and lived most of my live in the Czech Republic, so I like the idea that more of my books could be published in my native language. This is the reason why I never say “no” to any publicity back in the Czech Republic. I did one more interview for “Magazin Patek Lidovych Novin”. It should be published in the next couple of weeks.


For the interview we did some photos in the beautiful  library in Prague 5.IMG_4096The library is next door to the independent book shop “Amadito & Friends“, which sells children’s books in many foreign languages. I did a talk there for a small audience last year, so I popped in to say “HELLO”.amaditoI was told that Michael Rosen is coming soon to Prague to visit the shop. They are very excited.

Then I heard more good news. Mrs. Jitka Netusilova, who owns an internet bookshop “Anglictina – Hry” in the Czech Republic and who is a big promoter of my books told me, that the, soon to be opened, Prague branch of Hamleys is going to have a display of my books in English.

I had some time to meet up with friends and I got some presents too. Lucie Hasova-Truhelkova, who writes a rather successful blog about books for children, gave me a book illustrated by one of my favourite illustrators Kveta Pacovska.Kveta PacovskaLucie’s son sent me an “abstract” picture of “A Funny Lion”.Legracni levHe is only 3 years old, but I can already see an influence of C Y Twombly.

I also went to see a great exhibition of Alfons Mucha – Slovanska epopej in the National Gallery in Veletrzni Palac.IMG_4111It’s hard to describe the quality, importance and scale of the paintings. It’s something you have to see with your own eyes.

Well, it was good fun, but also a very busy couple of days. It’s always hard to get back and start working on the books again, so I finished two pictures I did for myself before I left.ZebrasHere is a herd of zebrasOn the other planet - rhainoand one happy rhino.

On Friday I’m off to Barcelona to celebrate St. George’s day with my Spanish publisher EDITORIAL JUVENTUD, S.A. You can read more about it here. image001This amazing poster was designed by Andre Letria. I love his work and I can’t wait to meet him and other fellow illustrators and writers.

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