Animal Counting – is my new book!

I have a new book published!  It’s a pop-up book called “Animal Counting”. It’s a book for very little ones who like animals and are

learning how to count and also how to write numbers up to ten.





I enjoyed working on the book very much and it’s nice to have the book out. Here are some of the pictures.

Whoops, I just realised, that I don’t have an English copy of the book with me, so here are some of the pictures from Catalan version (the pictures are the same).


It’s now almost two weeks since I’m back working in my studio. The holidays are definitely over. They were busy weeks, trying to catch up with work. I did a few pictures I’d promised to do for different people. Here is one of them.

This picture is for Wendy Cooling, who is putting together a book called “D” is for Delhi. As far as I know, there should be lots of nice pictures from lots of different illustrators.

I was also sorting out photos and pictures from the holidays. I found this lovely picture done by Vincent Frank. Vincent is eight years old and the pictures are presents for me, my wife and daughters.





This picture is for me and is called “Strange Flowers”.


“Bushes”“Two Cups of Tea”

And probably my favourite is “Pear”. I love Vincent’s drawings. He is a good artist with a great talent and a good name on top of it.

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