FCBG and painting

It has been a busy, but also fun couple of weeks. Last weekend Nicola Davies and I were invited to the  The Federation of Children’s Book Groups conference

It was so nice to see so many familiar faces. People I know and people I’ve met over the years. They all have one thing in common – they all love books.

We had a lovely evening , we talked books and we laughed a lot. I found the whole weekend incredibly inspiring.

On Sunday Nicola and I did the the last talk at the conference. We talked each about writing our books and finished talking about “A First Book of Animals”. C8-APJrXkAMIBggHere I am rolling up my sleeves, as when Nicola’s talking I’m painting.

Here I must mention very exciting news. “A First Book of Animals” was shortlisted for the  School Library Association’s  INFORMATION BOOK AWARD 2017 !

..and The English Association’s 2017 ENGLISH 4-11 PICTURE BOOK AWARD !

A First Book of Animals

I always enjoy events with Nicola and this one wasn’t different. The atmosphere was great and listening Nicola reading from some of her books was a real treat.

C9CtcF-XoAAAQLwWe managed to do quick campaigning as well. When you’re at a place like this and when you talk to people who are absolutely devoted and work so hard to promote books, literature and reading for children, it’s incredibly upsetting to hear that some other people are making similar efforts to close libraries.

I also started working on a book which was on my table for too long. It’s called “A Long Journey”.2 Trp 2The book is about a garden gnome, who decided one day that what he really needs is to go for a walk.7 TrpFor a very……6 TrpVERY LONG  walk.

I was looking forward to doing this book for so long. I’m having a great time working on it now.

2 Trp

Printing the birds was a bit”fiddly”, but good fun.

8 Trp 2

That is all for now. More about the Garden Gnome next time.



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