I finished the book!

I used to be good at writing blogs regularly. Was I less busy?

I like writing blogs, since it gives me a chance to look back at what I’m doing.

The truth is, that I’ve got out of the habit recently. Summer is divided between work and holidays and there is little time to do extra work.

5 GD

The last blog was ¬†about “Grumpy Duck” the brilliant book written by Joyce Dunbar. Since then I’ve finished all the illustrations! Well, almost. I need to do endpapers and the cover, but I can’t wait to share some of the pictures.2 GDHere is Grumpy Duck talking to a dog.6 GDAnd here she is with a tortoise.8 GDDuck is getting more and more miserable and the cloud above her head is getting bigger.

9 GDBeing miserable could be catching, but a bad mood won’t last forever.14 GDIt wasn’t just work last month. I was in Greece for a holiday as well.¬†IMG_6642If you paint in the olive orchard in Greece in the middle of summer, you have to work very fast. It is very, very hot.IMG_6643 (1)

The best place was to paint on this little, empty beach.IMG_6591It was lovely and I want to go back!IMG_6644

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