End Paper

11 GDI like the feeling when I’ve just finished the very last illustration for my latest book. I enjoy the moment for a bit, but I know very well, that my work on the book doesn’t end there.

There is always a cover, title page and the end papers to do.

Covers are definitely team work and they have to go through big meetings and then to me. Covers are a big science.

End papers are more fun and I feel I have more control over them.

The purpose of the end paper is to look pretty, but then again, it should capture the essence of the book.

I like end papers. Here are some of them.


This one is from my book “A New House of Mouse”.


“When The Moon Smiled”_MG_7171

“Suzy Goose and the Christmas Star”DSC_0141¬†These leaves are from the latest book with Little Mouse “The Mouse Who Wasn’t Scared”. It’s going to be published next January by Walker Books.


This end paper is from the book called “The Mouse Who Reached the Sky”. The book is full of cherries, so the juicy red colour would be perfect.


Green end paper from “Puffin Peter”. I was inspired by the picture of puffins diving under the water.


Another green end paper. “A First Book of Animals”. We used paper I printed to create wings for beetles.Greey_Goat

“The Greedy Goat”. The Goat likes eating flowers.


“Elephant” – of course.


“The Fly” – what else.


“Blue Penguin”. Lots of snow and ice.

0 Trp

One of my latest books which is not published yet “Dlouha Cesta (Long Journey)”. Is about a gnome who went for a long, long walk. I was imagining, that he walked across my table as well.

20 Trp

And the very last is from the book I’m just finishing. Joyce Dumbar’s “Grumpy Duck”. It’s a lovely story with animals, one BIG cloud and RAIN.1 end

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