Changing a picture

I was recently writing about final touches and finishing a book. As I was about to post the blog I had a request from my publisher.

After a discussion about the finished artwork, we decided to change one picture in the book.

(13) GDIn this spread the animals are enjoying the rain. They are happily running around, making noises and also…jumping in the pond. The pond was on the previous picture, so I decided to skip the pond this time. The main reason was, that I wanted the text to be clearly visible.

I must admit, Joyce Dunbar, who is the author of the book, and my editors, were right. We do need the pond. It was time to take my paint box out once again.

In this sketch all the animals and the pond were supposed to be in the background, but it didn’t quite work.

0I did it again.13 GD 2Here are all the animals jumping in the water, but it looked more like a river rather than a pond.

I didn’t need to change this picture too much. Planting grass and bulrushes did the job.

13 GD

So finally, the book is finished. I’m happy with the changes. It’s in the post now!


I can’t wait to see the book in the shop!



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