One more Tiger


This tiger is from the book I did with Nicola Davies “A First Book of Animals”.

Children love drawing tigers, butI found it quite challenging. I now have to practise, because my next book will probably be about a tiger.

Sad tiger

The idea for the book came to me some time ago. I was unable to finish the story so that the publisher was happy and the book ended up in my drawer.

However, I haven’t stopped thinking about the book. To me it is a sign that I should have another go.

The story in the book is a bit serious for a picture book, so writing it is a bit challenging.

I have put the text to the side for a bit and I’m concentrating on getting the tiger right at the moment.

Here is one of the sketches.


And one better one.

t last tiger 12

The tiger is in the cage.7

Here is a bigger version.

t last tiger 8

The pictures are just working sketches, but I will get there at the end. It’s early days.

t last tiger 1

Still, I can’t get rid of the fact, that children paint the best tigers!


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