Being Back

IMG_6552It was that time of the year. I went to the Czech Republic to do some work and hopefully to bring back a new book.

For two weeks this amazing place turned into my studio. I was walking in the woods, picking mushrooms, painting and trying to write new ideas for new stories.IMG_7185

It always takes some time to settle down and make ideas to come to me..

I relax by painting outsideoctober 2017

in the orchard,13.10. 2017

or in the woods.

2017. october


Unfortunately writing new stuff wasn’t easy. Having writers block could be frustrating, but not if you are surrounded by so much beauty.

I rewrote some old ideas and I did a couple of pictures just for fun, hoping that something will come into my head.

Here are some of them.


What is going on between the cat and the bird? Unfortunately I don’t know.

Then I sketched this rather strange looking cat. I was convinced I’m drawing an ocelot, but since I had no internet access I couldn’t be quite sure…IMG_7189


O.k the cat looks nothing like an ocelot, but I still like it.


This is the last picture I did at the cottage. The zebra is illustrating well how I felt whilst I was in the countryside on my own.

It was like a nice dream.


Oh, one more picture. This horse was a present from Vitek Kadlec who is 6 years old. I love it.

Thank you!Vit-Kadlec-6let


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