Long Journey to Dlouhá cesta

FINAL _ TEXT-01Dlouhá cesta is published!

Dlouhá cesta (Long Journey) is my very first book written in Czech, published by an emerging Czech publisher pinwheels.

The publisher pinwheels is actually just a couple of enthusiastic ladies:  Tereza Booth and Alžběta Němcová. I met Tereza some time ago purely by chance.

I heard, that Tereza has a bookshop where she is selling only books for children, only books she likes and if you come there she will make you a coffee. Then, one day, it happened that I was in Prague and I was near the shop. I popped in.

Tereza and I  had a good chat about books. Tereza told me about her ambition to publish books. The next time we met, she asked me if I have anything I would like to be published in the Czech Republic.

I’ve been making books for decades, but my only books which were published in the Czech Republic so far were those, which were translated from English. It was time to change it.

We made a deal. I will deliver a book without asking for an advance and pinwheels will make a book in the best possible quality. It sounded rather crazy, but we both thought it is worth the risk.

To be honest I was expecting things to go wrong. Things often go wrong in the publishing world and often compromises need to be made. But…it never happened. I’m not saying that everything was easy, but we didn’t need to make any compromises.

As this Czech text in the book says: “Not everything went smoothly”FINAL _ TEXT-15


“But he never gave up and in the end everything worked well.”


Holding the beautifully printed book in my hands for the first time was a great moment. Over the years I’ve published lots of books and it’s always nice to see the final book, but this time was rather special.

Yes, it is my first Czech book published in my language. Yes, it’s beautifully produced, the format is great, the colours, the quality of the paper, but it’s not what makes me so happy.

What makes me SO happy are the circumstances in which the book was published. Pinwheels raised the money to publish the book with the help of crowd funding.

That means, that parents, book lovers, people who like picture books and art supported the project and raised the money themselves. That’s what makes me SO HAPPY and proud. That Dlouhá cesta is the product of people who love books. I had chance to say “Thank You” at least to some of the people at the book launch in Prague. The launch of Dlouhá cesta happened in Nerudova Street right in the centre of Prague and it was a very nice evening.

Here is a short interview I did at the book launch for the English section of Radio Praha.


THANK YOU to everybody who supported and helped us to publish Dlouhá cesta!


A special THANK YOU to pinwheels – Tereza and Alžběta. A big thank you to Martina Waclawicova for helping with the text. Thank you to Filip Blažek for the great work on the graphic design. Thank you to Ruth Fraňková and Lucie Truhelková-Hašová for their support and help with promoting the book. And thank you to Jitka Netušilová for her long time support and for introducing my books to Czech readers in the first place.


It is snowing outside!

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