Drawing in the Woods

girl and a bird

I love walking, mushroom picking, painting and drawing in woods. I LOVE woods!

Whenever I go back to the Czech Republic I spend as much time as I can in woods.


Woods smell good and they are quiet, peaceful places to be. I get lots of ideas for books just being there.IMG_2608

If it was just up to me I would have a picture of woods in every one of my books!IMG_7172

My publisher won’t allow me. Enough is enough they say.

O.k. …I can’t blame them.IMG_7189Here are a couple of illustrations and sketches that haven’t made it into the books….yet.


Oh, actually this one did make it. It is from my book called ‘Dlouh√° cesta’ (The Long Journey).




Here is a sketch of a wooden shack.IMG_4982

And here is an illustration from the book which is coming ..very…very SOON!¬†Mouse_interiors-10And you know what? Most of that story is happening…in the WOODS!

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