A Blog about a Blog

I used to write a blog almost every week. It helped me get organised and summarised what I was doing.

I’ve  somehow got out of the habit recently. It’s partly because I can’t get organised and I am doing a little bit of everything at the moment.

I am sketching a book about a tiger.Scan

When I am not sketching tigers I am sketching two board books.3 Space

One of them is about the universe and stars.1 fishThe other one is about the sea and fish.

6 fishWhat I should be really doing is drawing and painting puffins.puffiniMy problem is, that I want to do it all.

It looks that the only thing I am not doing is writing a blog. But that is not true either. Because my latest book ‘The Mouse Who Wasn’t Scared’ has just been published I was answering questions and writing blogs for other bloggers.

4 The MOuse who wasn't scared

I was asked by Jake Hayes to answer some questions for his blog TYGERTALE.

Look at Jake’s previous blogs if you have time, because the blogs are brilliant and I can guarantee that you will want to read them all.

Jake does a great job. He corrected all my mistakes in the names of the Czech authors and illustrated his blog  with a good choice of pictures as well.  THANK YOU very much.

And the very last, but very important message – Enjoy WORLD BOOK DAY! I am off to a couple of schools and I am looking forward to it.


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