The Shortlisted Book

As an author and illustrator I spend lots of time on my own with pencils and brushes. I like it this way, but sometimes you need somebody to come and say: ” Hey, I quite like what you’re doing”.

Being listed for an award is that moment. It’s nice to know that there is someone who knows your work and even likes it.a first book of animals

I am very excited and happy that ‘A First Book of Animals’, the book I did with Nicola Davies is shortlisted for CILIP The Kate Greenaway Medal.AFBOA2
I am very excited, because I know how much work was behind the book.

I am not talking about my illustrations, because although I did spend lots of time painting and drawing, I enjoyed every minute of it and it was just a long lasting joy. I am talking about the amazing, inspirational text done by Nicola Davies and the hard work of editors and designers, mainly Caroline Royds and Louise
It would be naive to think that any good book can happen without a team of hard working enthusiasts and a good publisher.

It’s no coincidence that Walker Books has three out of seven books shortlisted for The Kate Greenaway Medal and two out of eight books for The Carnegie Medal this year.AFBOA44
Nicola Davies had four of her books long listed and she has now two of her books shortlisted for The Kate Greenaway medal!

Everybody who knows Nicola’s books would agree, that she is a very talented and inspirational writer and everybody who likes books would know, that a perfect picture book or nonfiction book is based on the perfect balance of the text and the illustrations.

Without Nicola’s poems there would not be “A First Book of Animals”.


Thank you to CILIP for their hard work and for putting these awards together and mainly thank you to the good enthusiastic librarians who make these books visible and deliver them into the right hands of our readers. Slide1



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