Tiger again

I wanted to write a blog about a tiger. To be specific I wanted to write about how difficult I find it to draw a tiger.

Then I thought ” hang on a second, I’ve already written a blog about it some time ago” and yes indeed, here it is – One more Tiger


So this can mean only two things. First, I’m a moaner and second I still haven’t mastered the skill of drawing a perfect tiger.
Walking Tiger

tigerSaying that, I actually like this tiger. He is from the book I did with Nicola Davies “A First Book of Animals”.

I have a couple of drawings in my little sketchbooks which are not too bad, but drawing a tiger for a picture book is more challenging. He must show emotion. He must look good from the front, from the side and from behind..IMG_0196

I am getting there.IMG_0195

spread 12
I keep trying, but most importantly I am enjoying it!

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