Drawing with Children

mothIn the evening, through the open window moths fly into my studio. So I paint moths.

Summer is coming and it means lots of school visits and a couple of festivals. I like drawing with children. It is very rewarding seeing children being excited and proud of their work. I love the moment when children get completely lost in their pictures. Here is a page from a book written by Jack.


Jack is only 5 years old and he doesn’t know all the letters, but it doesn’t stop him writing books. The text says “Once there was a dragon called Petr Horacek”. It is good to have an exotic name. I can get in books!

Jack goes to Portway Infant School in Andover. Portway is a school which I visit every year. The school is slowly turning into my gallery. Pictures I have been making with children over the years hang on the walls. I love the friendly atmosphere of the school and I like the nice smiley teachers. Of course where there are nice teachers there are nice children. Once again, I had a great time at Portway this year. Thank you for making me so welcome.

IMG_0407Here is an another picture. This one is from ‘The Mouse Who Ate the Moon’.mouse

Here is a spread from ‘Look Out Suzy Goose’.IMG_0408


We painted fish for ‘Puffin Peter’. Here is one of them.IMG_0410This painting is from Harry. It is inspired by my book ‘Blue Penguin’. I love the picture.IMG_0411As I was leaving Portway Primary School a  little boy came to me and gave me this drawing. He said: “This is a picture of your mum, so you will never forget her!”IMG_0409Thank you!

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