Worcester Stands Tall

The giraffes are out and about.

If you walk around Worcester these days, you will see lots of giraffes created by lots of artists.girafficorn alison turner

This one is called ‘Girafficorn’ and it is my favourite giraffe.  The artist who made it is Alison Turner and you can just about see her hiding behind her giraffe.

One of the giraffes you can see on the streets of Worcester is painted by me. It’s called ‘The Dreaming Giraffe’.IMG_0707

In November 2017 Claire and I went to the Royal Grammar School Worcester to do two workshops with students. We printed, painted and designed lots of giraffes. You can read a bit more about it here.IMG_7354

I asked the children to come up with two images of a giraffe: one standing still, sleeping, dreaming and the other one doing something silly like doing a somersault or cartwheels, dancing, jumping…IMG_7296

The pictures the pupils produced were amazing !!!IMG_0262IMG_7300Here are some of them.IMG_7356IMG_7344IMG_7334IMG_7314IMG_7309IMG_7301IMG_7297IMG_7295

In April I painted the large giraffe and collaged the pupils’ original images onto the final sculpture. Here are some photos of the work in progress:IMG_0253IMG_0254IMG_0256IMG_0259IMG_0264IMG_0265IMG_0268

It was great to work with the pupils from RGSW on such a great project for such a good cause.

Please read more about Worcester Stands Tall  and how you can support St Richard’s Hospice.IMG_0683Slide1

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