The Czech Republic has no sea and no puffins. Being born in Prague I’ve lived almost 30 years without knowing what a puffin is.

The very first time I heard about puffins was when I was asked to draw one for a charity auction. Lots of writers and illustrators did a drawing of a puffin. The drawings were auctioned and the raised money was used for the protection of these beautiful, interesting and rapidly disappearing birds.

This was my very first drawing of a puffin.
I’ve enjoyed drawing puffins ever since.

A couple of years later I wrote and illustrated a picture book called ‘Puffin Peter’.

Puffin Peter
The book was published in 2011.PUFFIN-PETER12

PUFFIN-PETER16Today I am drawing and painting puffins once again.
1. cover
This time the book is written by the excellent writer and conservation biologist Martin Jenkins. Here are some of the finished illustrations.

3.1 Puffins
I love working on the book. I’ve learned a lot about puffins I didn’t know.9. Puffins
The illustrations for this book are a bit more realistic than I am use to doing but that is part of the fun. I like a challenge.

The birds are arriving in the mist of the morning.2. PuffinsThere are quite a few of them.

And who is on this picture?10 B Puffins

It is a little puffin chick leaving his nest for the very first time.
11. Puffins
In the dark of the night of course.


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