Grumpy Duck

It’s just over a year since I published the blog – DUCK, DUCK and DUCK

Everything is written there and it made me smile reading it again. I remember the lovely time we had with Joyce at The Ted Hughes Arvon Centre at Lumb Bank and  how much I enjoyed working on the book.

GrumpyDuck cover_clean_up-1 2

GrumpyDuck_clean_up2-10 2

Joyce is a great writer and and she seems to carry hundreds of ideas with her everywhere she goes.


‘Grumpy Duck’ is one of them. It was written for me and it did feel as if I’d written it myself. Perhaps that was the reason why I enjoyed working on the illustrations so much.

GrumpyDuck_clean_up2-08 (1)

 Thank you Joyce and thank you Walker Books for giving us the opportunity of working together and for making such a lovely book.


I hope you will enjoy reading it!

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