Painted hare

It will be almost two years since my book ‘Dlouhá cesta – Long Journey’ was published.
It’s a book which I published in the Czech Republic, my home country,  with the publisher  ‘pinwheels’ and the great help of many enthusiastic picture book lovers. The book is now with my agent, looking for a foreign publisher. You can read about the publication of the book in the blog ‘Long Journey to Dlohá cesta’.’ Long journey’ is a life story and the journey of one garden gnome.
10 Trp
The theme of ‘a journey’ and finding the way back comes to me again and again. I tried to ignore it, because I didn’t wont to write a book with a similar subject so soon, but then I couldn’t help it. I felt as if not everything I wanted was said.
The Nicest Place to be
‘The Best Place in The World’ (working title) is a story about a rather inquisitive hare asking himself a question ‘where is the best place in the world?’.
I like to work on books which I carry in my head for some time. I can almost see the finished pictures in front of me and I can’t wait to finalise the text and start painting.I thought illustrating this book would be a walk in the park. I was wrong.

I was changing the pictures all the time.  I was frustrated to start with, but then I actually enjoyed redoing the illustrations. I enjoyed walking through the same path.
The artwork is now with my publisher and it’s quite possible that some changes in the text, artwork or both will need to be done, but so far I am happy. It was a nice couple of months with this hare.


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