A Blog about a Blog

I used to write a blog almost every week. It helped me get organised and summarised what I was doing.

I’ve  somehow got out of the habit recently. It’s partly because I can’t get organised and I am doing a little bit of everything at the moment.

I am sketching a book about a tiger.Scan

When I am not sketching tigers I am sketching two board books.3 Space

One of them is about the universe and stars.1 fishThe other one is about the sea and fish.

6 fishWhat I should be really doing is drawing and painting puffins.puffiniMy problem is, that I want to do it all.

It looks that the only thing I am not doing is writing a blog. But that is not true either. Because my latest book ‘The Mouse Who Wasn’t Scared’ has just been published I was answering questions and writing blogs for other bloggers.

4 The MOuse who wasn't scared

I was asked by Jake Hayes to answer some questions for his blog TYGERTALE.

Look at Jake’s previous blogs if you have time, because the blogs are brilliant and I can guarantee that you will want to read them all.

Jake does a great job. He corrected all my mistakes in the names of the Czech authors and illustrated his blog  with a good choice of pictures as well.  THANK YOU very much.

And the very last, but very important message – Enjoy WORLD BOOK DAY! I am off to a couple of schools and I am looking forward to it.


‘The Mouse Who Wasn’t Scared’ is published!

The day has come. ‘ The Mouse Who Wasn’t Scared’ is published.

It is the fourth book with the character of Little Mouse.
4 The MOuse who wasn't scaredFour books is quite a lot considering that I had no ambition to do a series of books.Mice

I wrote the second book ‘The Mouse Who Ate the Moon’ on holiday just sitting on the beach and looking at the moon. I think it was the time when I fell in love with the character of the dippy, child-like mouse, who makes me smile.

I was looking through the published books and I knew that the fourth book should be somehow different. It wasn’t worried about the story , but I wanted the artwork to stand out and to make the book look different from the others. I love woods. I like drawing and painting them as much as I like walking in them.


The inspiration for the book I found by going through my sketches and paintings from woods.Mouse_interiors-04 07.59.34

There is something appealing about the monochrome colour of the tree trunks and occasional colour of the leaves on the ground, the mushrooms, or even the colour of the Mouse’s stripy socks as a matter of fact.3 2


Here are some of the first sketches for the illustrations.IMG_4596Painting the big animals was fun.Mouse_interiors-09I loved painting the moose.

Mouse_interiors-10 07.59.34

The book is about the fact, that we all are sometimes scared of something and often different people are scared of different things.Mouse_interiors-05 copy

Mouse_interiors-11Is the fluffy pussycat REALLY the most scary thing in the woods, or is it the wolf, or is it the bear…?


It usually takes at least a year from finishing working on the book to the moment when the book is published.

Looking at these sketches brings back memories.

IMG_4436I had a good time and enjoyed enormously illustrating ’The Mouse Who Wasn’t Scared’.  The book took me to the woods although it was at the time just in my imagination.

Mouse_interiors-13When I finally received the advance copy of the book I was thrilled. The colours were right, the book felt good in my hand and it smelled nice too. Nothing less than I would expect from my publisher, so thank you Walker Books! And thank you to my editors Louise and Denise for their hard work and support.Mouse_interiors-02I hope you will enjoy reading the book!