More Board Books

Who is Sleeping?‘Who is Sleeping?’ and ‘Who is the Biggest?’ are my two new board books.

Who is Biggest?

I have been making board books from the beginning of my career as an author nad illustrator. ‘Strawberries are Red’ and ‘What is Black and White?’ were my very first books to be published and they are still in print after seventeen years.  A-Board-books

I love making board books and I am lucky to be published by Walker Books who know how to make good board books.

I was once comparing writing a picture book to writing a novel. If a picture book would be like writing a novel, then board book would be like writing a poem.

Which one is easier?

6In my board books I like to introduce a basic story, visual joke, a message. I often shape pages, use ‘lift the flaps’,  holes and cut outs in the pages.


When I am working on a picture book I very soon slip into my own world, where it is me, who has to be happy with the story and the pictures. When I am working on a board book it is different. I think about the child the whole time from designing the book to illustrating the pictures.

Who is Biggest?


IMG_0222IMG_0221IMG_0224IMG_0225I like watching a child looking at new things, learning, discovering the world. It is fascinating to see how a child never rests and is learning all the time.

Who is Sleeping?


It is important to realise that by giving a child a board book we are introducing him not to a toy, but to literature and visual art. A board book is often a child’s very  first contact with art and literature.

This is why I think that good quality board books are so important.  Children are investigative and clever and they deserve more than just random colourful images. The board book should have a story.

Tiger again

I wanted to write a blog about a tiger. To be specific I wanted to write about how difficult I find it to draw a tiger.

Then I thought ” hang on a second, I’ve already written a blog about it some time ago” and yes indeed, here it is – One more Tiger


So this can mean only two things. First, I’m a moaner and second I still haven’t mastered the skill of drawing a perfect tiger.
Walking Tiger

tigerSaying that, I actually like this tiger. He is from the book I did with Nicola Davies “A First Book of Animals”.

I have a couple of drawings in my little sketchbooks which are not too bad, but drawing a tiger for a picture book is more challenging. He must show emotion. He must look good from the front, from the side and from behind..IMG_0196

I am getting there.IMG_0195

spread 12
I keep trying, but most importantly I am enjoying it!