Looking for inspiration

IMG_4030I was working in Prague. With the brilliant author Nicola Davies we visited t International School in Prague and Lycée Français de Prague.

IMG_4032Working with Nicola is always fun, I love listening to her as I paint. Nicola is so engaging and entertaining. The audience was great and so were the people who organised our events. Thank you very much Tara from the International School and thank you Lenka from Lycée Français de Prague for your hospitality.


These lovely photos were taken by Vít Hofmann from Lycée Français de Prague.

As I was already in Prague I decided to stay a bit longer and went to the south of the Czech Republic. One of my friend’s lends me his summer cottage  every autumn to paint and write. I am on my own, away from phone calls and emails.IMG_6071

The cottage and its surroundings, is one of the most beautiful places I know. Being completely in charge of your day without any pressure, concentrating just for being creative is heaven.IMG_3984I say that, but every year I panic a bit. Will I bring home an idea for a new book?

At least this autumn I have an exciting new book on the table. It is written for me by the brilliant Joyce Dunbar. Our latest book ‘Grumpy Duck’ has been voted to be “The Picture Book of the Year 2020″ in Holland.IMG_2718So I was sketching Joyce’s new book. I can’t wait to start working on it in colour.

10I spent lots of time painting in the orchard, in the woods or by the river.

IMG_3963Thoughts are going through my mind, but no new book. IMG_3940I randomly draw and sketch, rewrite some old ideas, try to pretend, that it doesn’t matter if nothing new happens. Secretly I know that I will be disappointed.IMG_3972

And then it happens. Just when you are least expecting it, an idea comes to you. It is as if somebody knocks on the door. You don’t know who it is,..you open it…1


He looked lonely for a while.3

I know, there are lots of books about bears around, but I haven’t done one yet!

I think I am going to do a book about bears!